I would just like to say “thank you” for the two bags of lovely clothes you have sent to us via the Marlow Health Visitors. It was a very kind gesture and much needed in these hard times.’

‘I went to deliver the parcels on Friday that you gave to the families and just wanted to feedback. I delivered the first one to a family who were so grateful, they couldn’t believe that people were so generous and wanted me to thank your organisation.

I then went to the second family where I am working with a family where the toddler is on  a Child Protection plan. The mother was overwhelmed and started to cry, she just couldn’t stop thanking me for the items. I explained about your charity and how many people you help. she proceeded to dress her son up in all of the clothes which took up to an hour !!!  the little boy was so excited thinking he was in a fashion parade and found a few items he wouldn’t put down. She was crying with happiness as she knows that your kindness will help her to satisfy the terms of the Child Protection plan as one of the actions was to buy new bigger clothes for her son.’

Thank you SO much, you really cheered me up today with the bag full of gorgous 0-3 month stuff. Its amazing, thank you ♥’

‘Hi, I just wanted to say you have been so good to me I don’t know how I can ever repay you I have never met you but you have been like an angel to me So thank you so much’